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Re-elect Nancy O’Malley Alameda County District Attorney

Trusted protector

Alameda County's 1st Female District Attorney

  • Tried over 60 jury verdict cases with a 98% conviction rate
  • 1st woman to head the Felony team at Wiley Manual Courthouse in 1993, promoted to Senior DA in 1994
  • Promoted to Chief Assistant District Attorney in 1999
  • Appointed to District Attorney in 2009
  • Elected to District Attorney in 2010 and 2014

Closed Budget Gaps Without Sacrificing Excellence

  • In 2009, the DA's Office closed a $6 million budget gap without sacrificing excellence and effectiveness
  • Responsible for and involved in the budget process for over 10 years, while generating & managing millions of dollars through grants & other funding sources

Created and Led Specialized Units

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Units

  • Created the 1st Alameda County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) - a collaborative of law enforcement, agencies and the community, to implement a better response to sexual assault cases The the success of our SART program, soon became a model for other communities
  • Started the Sexual Assault Unit in 1996 to draft policy, write grants, supervise staff, convene monthly county-wide meetings on the issue, and manage sexual assault cases and sex offender registrants throughout Alameda County

Truancy Unit

  • Wrote a federal grant that under the Safe Neighborhoods Initiative, that partially funds the unit. The grant advocated that keeping kids in school would reduce youth gun violence
  • In 2011, the Oakland Unified School District, in partnership with the Truancy Unit, reported a 30% decline in truancy

Restitution Unit

  • Created unit in 2002, which has since become a model for victims compensation & direct restitution
  • Since 2005, we have received restitution orders in excess of $126 million in court on behalf of crime victims
  • The Alameda County DA's Office has held the #1 position for restitution in the state for well over five years

Forensic Scanning Unit

  • Unit systemically scans stored DA files into an electronic program
  • The unit has saved over $45,000 a year in storage fees of paper files & has successfully scanned more than 10 years of files
  • The program is cost-effective & environmentally sound, & employs some youth interns

Human Exploitation & Trafficking Unit

  • Created unit in 2006 to address the growing needs of exploited children, while also prosecuting their traffickers at over a 90% conviction rate
  • In 2012, the California Attorney General reported that we had prosecuted 46% of all human trafficking cases in the State